‘Tis the season…

This time of the year always gets me. I have awesome memories of my holidays growing up in Mexico, I have images of my brother and I putting the Christmas tree while singing Christmas songs, or later on when my little sister came along trying to make it extra special with all the magic around it just for her,  exactly just like my kids do now. The excitement of the presents, the dressing up for the occasion, the yummy food and specially the family time. I find that as the years go by family time gets more cherished each time.

This year is no different; we are excited about the time off, the quality time, the yummy food, the presents, the magic, the wonder on my kids’ eyes on that Christmas morning. I also like to reflect onto what the year has been, what have I learned, what goals were met, where can I try harder and one of the most important to me, thinking on new goals for the new year. I feel that the older I get the more I want to achieve, the more I want to grow, the more I want to be better.

We have been working on getting ready for the holidays around here. We put our Christmas tree, we worked in our letters to Santa, we took some pictures for our cards , we started to get some presents for our loved ones, we really are so excited about this time of the year!

I caught the girls looking at one of our picture books the other night under the Christmas tree, wrapped in blankets and pointing at the highlights in the book. It was our book from one of our trips to Mexico. Allison was telling Vivian stories about the pictures while both of them laughed and recalled the experiences. For sure a warm feeling in my heart.

I’m looking forward to the holidays getting here! Feeling the extra love from friends and family, the surprises  in the mail box when receiving holiday cards is definitely a favorite part of this time too. I can’t wait to live the season and enjoy everything that comes with it!.

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