Review GoPro Hero

I’ve been meaning to write my thoughts on my little GoPro Hero Naked for a while now  but I can’t seem to find the time.. but finally here I am.

I bought it last year, one of my cousins that does skydiving introduced it to me.. I saw all his pictures and videos and I had to have it.


Super small

takes stills and video

great video quality

water proof

easy to use

Fish eye lens (could be a con if you don’t like it)



it sucks in low light conditions

not a great quality in the pictures

there is no screen (you can’t see what you are taking picture of)


So today Dominic, Vivian and I went to run some errands and I took some pics..

Like I said, pictures are not awesome but they are good enough to preserve the memory, to go on my 365 book, etc.. I wouldn’t probably print a 16×20 of any of these you know? but I’d be ok printing a 5×7- 8×10 print of them..  The best thing about it I think it’s the size.. compare to my big camera this is nothing, it’s ALWAYS in my bag so I know it’s there just in case…

The fact that you can’t see what are you taking a picture of ( or checking what did you just take ) it’s not really a big problem to me, Im very used to shoot without looking and since I used it as a point and shoot I don’t worry about exposure stuff, but you do need to know how light works so you get the camera to work the way you want it.

A couple of days ago I posted pictures from when I used it under water.. now that’s pretty cool!!

here is a little video from last year. here is the link just in case video doesn’t work.. it’s acting up for me..

overall I would totally recommend it.. Great little camera.. 🙂

Sharon - March 31, 2012 - 5:31 am

I recently bought the newest version (Outdoor Edition?) . I plan to use it in June at Disney for some cool ride shots and videos, and my husband can’t wait to try it out in the pool. I loved the video you posted. So cool to hear the sound of the water! I haven’t figured out how to use mine yet. I better get started. Thanks for posting this!

Amy - March 31, 2012 - 2:49 pm

Now I want one!!! First a “real” camera though. 😀 Just thought I’d let you know though that you can get a screen for it. I think they call it a “backpack”. I saw it for 80 bucks.

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