October 24th, 2011

Vincent’s date night..
We’ve been talking about it for a while and we had a plan… getting the stuff for his bday party and having dinner at his favorite restaurant… Well, he came back from school with no interest in doing anything… he’s such a home body… Finally decided to go BUT just to get the stuff for his party and come back.. oh and Dominic had to come… LOL so it didn’t work as we planned it at all..

Off we went to publix to chose his cake and buy some goody bag fillers..

I asked him if I could take some pictures of him in with the leaves like Allison… he said no, I said I’d buy him a balloon.. he said.. just a few.. so we stopped by the leaves before going home and this is how it went…

Asked him to be nice and let me take his pictures and he kept doing this…

Finally decided to start a potty talk and make “bodily functions” sounds… to get this…

and he was done… his balloon…


And just us been silly…. 

goodness I swear I needed a drink at the end of that.. LOL

we finished our date at home.. me cooking dinner for everybody and he playing basketball with daddy…. 🙂

girls and boys… sooooooo different!!!

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