May 1st-15th, 2011


May 1st
I scream for Ice Cream.. 😉

May 2nd
He insisted on going with me to my dr appt because he wanted to see how the baby was doing.. <3<3<3
Happy to report that peanut is growing strong and good.. bye bye 1st trimester!.. I hope you take the nauseas and let my energy to come back.. 😉

May 3rd
by 7am the boys, who for whatever reason woke up crazy early today, had destroyed their room, emptied half of a pillow feather in the living room, took all the toy bins out, had breakfast and fought a little bit.. so what a momma about to lose it does? toss them in the bath tub for 30+ min. We don’t do baths here anymore so they were so very happy to play and I was very happy to know they couldn’t get in trouble there.. goodness, these kids got some energy!…

May 4th
We spent the afternoon at the park to kill all that extra energy that these kids have been showing lately.. beautiful day, can’t believe I was a bit chilly.. in May!!!.. unheard for AL.. :)Sandbox was a hit today.. every kid in the park was there.. lol

May 5th
Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!..
Yup, WE <3 Mexico!.. 😉

May 6th
Grandma and Grandpa are in town… their little dog steals the show though.. these kiddos can’t get enough of her..

May 7th
First time fishing!!!.. Steven has been wanting to take the kiddos fishing for a while.. today was the day, I worked all day but I did stop by for a few minutes in between sessions to snap some pics… I missed when Allison caught her first fish.. 🙁 but Grandma to the rescue snapped the picture.. I hear it was fun but S said next time he’s just taking one kid at a time.. LOL

May 8th
These kids who drive me insane half of the time and keep me in my toes are my everything… they are loving and sweet and so happy (must of the time)… I’m so lucky they call me mommy…Had the day off to spend it with them.. woke up to hugs, kisses and presents.
I’m also very thankful for the mommy I got.. she’s always behind me pushing me to be better.. Gracias mami!!!..
I hope you all moms had a special day! Happy Mother’s day!

May 9th
boys played in the baby pool for hrs hit the 90’s… calgon take me away!!!!..

May 10th
Field trip with A to the zoo!.. to be honest I was so NOT excited about it.. I don’t do well with the heat.. I told her this morning that I didn’t think I could do it and she started to cry.. so of course I went… she was so happy and excited.. I’m beyond pooped from the sun and walking for so long but so worth it.. I think she said like 5 times that it was one of the best days of her life.. <3<3<3 man it was so hot today!!!

May 11th
Jumping with friends = happy happy kids…

May 12th
Spaghetti nights.. I know I posted a similar picture last year.. things don’t change around here.. Spaghetti is still one of the kids favorites.. 😉

May 13th
Out to buy bags, we are starting to get ready for our first summer adventure.. only 4 more days!!!!!… we all can’t wait..

May 14th
We went to the Buck Creek Festival in Helena!.. I have lots of pics where kiddos are having fun in the kid area, but I think this is my favorite.. as we walked out of there with tired kiddos..  we bought them some italian ice… LOVE how V closes his eyes to enjoy it while the other 2 are very serious about it.. 🙂

May 15th
Busy weekend = tired kids.. they actually fell asleep! couldn’t believe it… made for a few minutes of quiet drive.. lol

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