May 16th-31st, 2011

May 16th
It’s been a crazy day and it’s not over.. soo much stuff to get done so I can actually leave on vacation.. the best part of my day… enjoying Vincent’s end of the year scrapbook.. the boys school had an end of the year party today and Vincent got a scrapbook that his teacher put together… crazy amount of pages filled with photos, projects, drawings.. omg!!.. so so so beautiful… it was awesome to look through the pictures with him as he was telling me what each page meant.. he’s grown so much and he’s so ready to head to big boy school.. me, not so much..ย Thank you so much to Mrs Michelle for such a special gift.

May 17th
The kids had their last day of school (pics later!).. we drove to Atlanta to grab a plane.. super long day but we all were super excited!

May 18th
Finally arrived to London, UK.. of course it was raining and it was cold.. we were extremely tired and only walked around the busy and loud city to find something to eat and head back to the hotel..

May 19th
We saw SO much today… Trafalgar square, Piccadilly, London Tower, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, etc.. and walked and walked a bit too much… My highlight (as I’ve been to London before) was seeing London at night with the kiddos.. all those lights were so so cool! I obviously have lots of pictures that hopefully I’ll be able to share soon.. ๐Ÿ™‚

May 20th
In the craziness of the moment (like I’m not crazy enough) we rented a car.. yup, driving in the other side of the street with driver and passenger sits switched was a bit to stressful but we managed to do it and we did so much during the day.. the highlight for me was Stonehenge!.. so cool!!.. We also visited Legoland Windsor (kiddos LOVED it) and the Windsor Castle, finally drove back to the hotel totally pooped but super happy..

May 21st
We went from crazy busy and loud London to middle of nowhere in Italy.. we took a plane this afternoon and arrived to Rome… we drove to a little local hotel in the middle of nowhere and it’s so so beautiful!!.. you can’t see anything but vineyards and old houses.. lots of open fields and blue skies.. the air is warm and sunny.. totally contrasting our last few days.. we can’t wait to explore Rome for the next couple of days.

May 22nd
Rome… we tried to see as much as we could.. we are one pooped family today.. it was warm and it was SUPER busy… people everywhere, kind of stressful with little ones, big cameras and such.. we survived and overall it was fun.. I’m happy to be back to the hotel and getting ready to sleep.. ๐Ÿ™‚

May 23rd
Twirling around Piaza di San Pietro, Vatican.
Crazy to say that we survived the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museum with 3 kiddos along with around 3000 tourists.. very fitting to say.. holy cow.. lol.. hot, wet, busy, loud… but after all that she was happy to twirl around in the open space… The Vatican is pretty for sure..

May 24th
me and the kiddos at the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) in Florence… ย I explained a guy to take a pic of the whole family with the people moving by us but he just wasn’t having it (even though I set up the camera for him).. ย sucks that Steven is not in it but I really liked what he got..

May 25th
My babies.. seriously that I can’t believe how lucky I am.. while they have their moments they have been so so so good with this crazy momma that they got.. today we walked the 467 steps to go up the Dome of The Cathedral in Florence and not even one beep from them… as a reward we spent the afternoon at a local park.. love them!!

May 26th
The soo anticipated stop at the beach.. Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terra… so so beautiful but the water was like ice!.. they didn’t care though.. ๐Ÿ™‚

May 27th
We had a funny little dancer at the laundry floor today.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

May 28th
We stopped by Padova, Italy where I visited with a friend from Oaxaca.. she showed us the pretty city.. we stopped at a local winery so Steven could try some wine (bad timing for me!).. Although I got cute pictures of the city I love this one.. the kiddos faces look so so tired…

May 29th
Venice!!!!…. I think this is the place that the kids have been more excited to visit (after the beach of course).. I had told them about the “water streets” and plaza with pigeons.. of course it did not disappoint… can’t wait to go through all the pictures from here…

May 30th
We drove and drove a little bit more… all the way from Venice to Rome… ipad and ipod have been a life saver with the kiddos for the car… this was the longest distance that we drove at once (around 5hrs)… we arrived to the hotel and just relaxed… we ended the day with dinner at McDonalds… lol we all are done with pizza and pasta.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ay 31st
A little bit of retail therapy to mentally prepare for our trip back.. ;)We had a low key day at a local mall and at the hotel.. packing and getting ready for our long flight tomorrow… I can’t believe I will be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night.. keep us in your thoughts!

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