March 9th, 10th and 11th, 2012

What a weekend… Yesterday Ashley and I hosted our 3rd Photography Workshop.. so it’s been a busy one for sure… but it was super fun..

Friday Vivian and I ran like crazy all over town, picked up my friend Jenny from the airport, running errands, setting up the studio and having the welcome dinner with some of the attendees of the workshop.. she was such a good baby even though she spent so much time in her car seat and we were out until way past her bed time!

Saturday, the workshop.. 12 attendees from different parts of the country and around here of course came to Share with Ashley and I our passion for photography.. I will make a full post of it in my business page in a few days.. but for now some behind the scenes shots..

Vivian came with us.. I found some help to watch her at the studio with me since the little stinker wont drink from a bottle.. again she was soo good…

The day after the workshop I’m always reminded that I’m not that young anymore.. it’s a long long day and I wake up with every muscle hurting.. lol

Today it’s been nice, doing nothing really.. I woke up early early to take Jenny back and came back to sleep a couple of more hours… the sun peaks out here and there and the wind is blowing nice… very nice and relaxing day.. 🙂

Isn’t she cute?!?!?!

Looking forward to a calm week.. this momma needs it!.. 🙂

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