March 1st-15th, 2011

March 1st
When colored bubbles go wrong.So a few weeks ago walking in Walmart I saw these “colored bubbles”, they had all fun colors. I got very excited and I bought a few of them.. I’ve been saving them for the perfect afternoon to play with them.. well today was the day.. let me tell you, do NOT buy those things.. they really didn’t work and it was a HUGE mess everywhere!!!.. staining everything and frustrating kids that couldn’t make the bubbles.. the driveway got so dirty (so as my kiddos hands) that I decided to hose it off.. guess who decided to get in front of the hose??..  LOL they grabbed the umbrella because they didn’t want to get wet.. ha!…so please please do yourself a favor and do NOT buy those colored bubbles.. 😉

March 2nd
We went exploring this afternoon.. I have this blanket in the van all the time so I got it out to play with it.. :)<3<3

March 3rd
Day to take pics of our yearly tradition.. yup, I’m a mommy to a 6, 5 and 4 year old..Blogged with past years pics :)

March 4th
I confess that I love that occasionally I still get to cook with a kiddo hanging from my leg.. I know these days are counted now..

March 5th So fun to put furniture together when the kiddos want to “help”.. lol

March 6th
His current obsession.. UNOit’s SO bad that we’ve taught him to play with an imaginary friend.. LOL

March 7th
He had a “yard sale” today and was selling all his booksLove how he priced everything and had a few free ones..  <3<3

March 8th
It was a change the sheets day and they were more than happy to help.. :)of course they ended up jumping on the bed and the bed was never made.. but they had fun.. <3<3

March 9th
I had to put all of these because that’s how excited he was to show me all his work from school.. he was SO SO proud!!!.. <3<3

March 10th
Cold day.. this is how we rolled today.. <3

March 11th
A beautiful day… my baby girl posed for me under the beautiful bloomed trees… they are starting to turn greenish so I’m glad I got to take some pics before.this and a whole lot of new pictures blogged today in my Random’s on Friday

March 12th
If only packing was half as fun as these 2 make it look here.. ;)At least somebody was having fun with a house full of bags and clothes everywhere… Spring Break here we come!!!!

March 13th
Airports and waiting… long day… but we finally made it…

March 14th
<3<3 my grandpa is turning 90 this year.. he’s such an important part of my life… it makes my heart big when my kiddos hug him… And my grandma is the glue of the family… they are one of the mayor reasons for me coming home…Today when I told my grandpa that he was looking very good, he said: “it’s all thanks to my wife’s care” and he really meant it.. they love each other so much… what an example!! makes me teary to know that my kids get to spend time with them.

March 15th
these kids don’t do anything but play all day long.. today they went to work with me and the place where I shot had an awesome doll house.. 🙂

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