March 16th-31st, 2011

March 16th
We took a road trip to Puebla, Mx. We have lots of family there. Super fun to see them! kiddos as usual super happy.

March 17th
One of the reasons of the trip to Puebla was to have a couple of sessions… one of them was in a super cool place called “The Container”.. full of containers painted in different colors.. I asked my mom to bring the kids because I wanted to take pictures of them there.. (I will post them as soon as I can)… but I love this one.. I’ve always loved this saying…

March 18th
We drove back from Puebla to Oaxaca… Allison got that make up Barbie kit from my mom and hasn’t stop using it.. 😉

March 19th
We finally had some time to be tourists in Oaxaca!.. we spend the whole afternoon walking around… lovely day.. I’ve taken SOO many pictures during this trip, I have no idea when I’ll get around posting them!.. might have to skip the editing part so I can share.. 🙂
Here the kiddos with the “Santo Domingo church” behind them and as you can see with no interest of posing for me.

March 20th
We swam the day away… lovely family day!!Oaxaca day one new on the blog

March 21st
went to work today to “Centro de las Artes de San Agustin”.. my mom, sister and kiddos came along.. it’s an awesome place!.. if you visit Oaxaca you need to go :)

March 22nd
What a trip… we absolutely love it here.. kids are so happy and free and I can’t get enough of family, friends and food.. ;)I like to say see you later instead of goodbye, a little bit less harder in the heart.I had to include my mom’s van in the one pic a day deal.. we’ve used it non stop for the past 9 days… the kiddos LOVE how big it is.. ha!.. (my mom owns a preschool.. ;))tomorrow I’ll be back home! keep us in your thoughts as we venture in our way back.

March 23rd
hours and hours of flights and wait but we are finally home!!!! and my mommy came with us!! double yay!.. 🙂

March 24th
it’s good to be home.. as usual after a trip the kiddos re-discover their toys.. today we had a little Santa Clause the whole afternoon.. he played UNO, rode bikes and played with his tools.. ha!.. love their imaginations!

March 25th
Daddy is home! we missed him so much the kiddos didn’t leave his side today.. 🙂

March 26th
Who doesn’t love to blow dandelions?.. LOVE LOVE all the wild flowers and dandelions popping up everywhere!..

March 27th
Lazy Sunday mornings and the 2 amigos.. these two are glued to each other.. love how much they love each other.

March 28th
Just the baby and me today… mondays mean lots of computer work for me, I love that I can work with him on my lap and he loves it too.. :)notice he doesn’t let go of his “blankie” yet! <3<3<3

March 29th
Silly baby in the laundry basket.. <3<3

March 30th
The boys came back hyper from school today so I decided to use their energy.. I pulled out my seamless paper and we colored the rainy day.. Allison came back from school and finished her umbrella and clouds.. nice way to kill a few minutes, they were excited about posing for me.. rain boots and all. ha!Getting tired of this weather!!!!

March 31st
Career day at school!..She sure loves animals so it was easy for her to pick.. she was sooo excited!!!!.. I hope that whatever she chooses to be when she grows up she loves it with all her heart.

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