June 27th, 2012

I love wednesdays.. wednesdays I don’t have to worry about where we’ll have breakfast, lunch or dinner, my house is cleaner and usually my kiddos are very calm.. wednesday is the best day of the week.. today was no exception..

I woke up with a full agenda of stuff to do with the kiddos.. I can’t let the kiddos watch TV or play with electronics all day long.. I refuse to it.. So you know, I’m always planning what to do.. we do have our days where we do nothing (basically every weekend).. so I think those 2 days of TV is plenty for the kids.. I feel guilty if they watch a lot of TV or if they snack non stop because they are bored.

You saw, we went monday to the movies, we went to chuck e cheese’s yesterday.. doing those 2-3 hours a day where I only focus in doing something for the kids makes me feel good.. I don’t have to work, I usually don’t pay too much attention to the phone.. I just have fun with them.. I love it and I know they love it too.. they wake up every morning asking what “fun” are we doing today..

So today we woke up a bit later and had a slow beginning but we ended up spending the late morning at a local jumpy place.. the kiddos ran and jumped for 1 hr.. we all had so much fun, we came back for lunch and for the baby to nap then we headed to bowling with friends.. the bowling part was fun.. but when it was time to go the boys demanded playing in the arcade area (whining and all).. I gave in and gave them enough money for 1 game.. we were going out for dinner with the friends after that.. so Vincent and Dominic found the game to play.. Dominic’s didn’t work and it created a whole meltdown.. he put the money in and he didn’t have the patient on going to ask the lady to fix it or to get his money back.. instead he decided to sit down in the middle of the place to scream and to throw a tantrum.. I did nothing.. just looked at him until he was done and we got out of the door.. as the older ones were getting in the van I noticed Vivian needed a new diaper.. so I started to get ready to change it and the boys started to fight.. to hit each other.. hard.. by then I lost it.. I yelled at them to stop, said we wouldn’t go out for dinner anymore and that they’ll be send to their rooms as soon as we were home..

The super fun day that we were having was over… 🙁 I know it’s normal for the boys fight, the tantrums, even that they hit each other.. but I can say it’s ok to do, so I had to stick to my gut about the punishment even though that meant we all (Allison specially who has been very good lately) were punished from dinner with friends.. it’s crazy how those 5 minutes of crazyness came to mess such a nice day.. the boys were crying, Allison was crying, even Vivian started to cry (she hates the car seat)… and I was holding the tears…

The drive back home was long (lots of traffic so it took about 45 minutes).. the boys were acting like nothing had happened, they started to play and laugh and they totally forgot about the scene they have just had… but once we were home I followed through and they spent the rest of the evening in their rooms.. (by then it was almost 6 pm so it was only a little bit earlier than their normal bed time).. they were only allowed to get out for dinner.

This momma is tired.. I try and I try to make my kiddos happy, to give them so much and it hurts me so much when something like this happens… this mommy thing is lots of hard work..

So why this whole novel here?.. well.. I get ALL the time how fun I am, how well behaved my kids are, how perfect my life is.. I always say that’s what I want to remember.. that’s what I’m taking pictures of.. and today I only took pictures of the fun part so I had to tell you the back story of it.. just so you don’t believe all your eyes see.. 😉

sorry pics look yellow.. too tired to fix them now..



Brandy - June 28, 2012 - 11:40 pm

I totally feel this post…mommyhood is no joke, but your pictures will def be ones to look back on and shadow all the bad! Great post! I heart your work!

Wendy - July 1, 2012 - 7:46 am

Funny that people would think your life was “perfect” just because you only blog about the good times… don’t most people blog more about the good than the bad? I think it is great to see the stuff you guys do together each and every day. I’d like to think everyone did this at least once a day but because they don’t photograph it like you do, they forget about the little moments like just playing in the backyard.

I love your blog even though I’m not a “kid” person. LOL. The photos are wonderful and it is always upbeat and positive. And wow do you ever impress me to take photos every day and to blog them all – that in itself is a huge commitment!

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