June 1st-15th, 2011

June 1st
we flew the whole day.. from Rome to London to Atlanta… coming back it’s always harder and it feels longer..

June 2nd
3 tired kids… we didn’t do that much today… unpacked, cleaned, laundry (tons of it)… the kids had a relaxing day rediscovering their toys and watching cartoons.. finally in English (like V said lol)… jet lag is killing us and they couldn’t make it pass 6pm last night and they were out.

June 3rd
Pool with friends! super fun!Allison’s first time jumping out of a diving board.. she LOVED it!!!

June 4th
The hubs had a big  day today… :)happy bday hubby!

June 5th
we were at the pool before 8am… still dealing with jet lag.. it was so nice though.. not hot and we were the only ones there.. I took a bunch of cute pics but I guess the highlight of the day was getting haircuts.. the one that hurt the most was Vincent’s.. curls are gone.. :(:(:(

June 6th
First day of Summer swimming classes… yup, I have my baby in speedos.. he looks so so cute! I LOVE it!.. 😉

June 7th
Alabama Adventure for the day… SO much fun! the kiddos went down the slides about 100 times each.. they LOVED it!!!.. I see lots of trips there this summer.. 🙂
Shot with the GoPro Hero Naked.. (what a great summer camera!)

June 8th
It’s a hot summer here so I’m sure you’ll get super tired of our water pictures.. this kids will grow fins for sure…so yes, another water day today… 🙂

June 9th
Every day I wake up with V next to me.. he’s the first one to wake up always and climbs up next to me… I love our little time together before the other 2 wake up… last night I left my camera on my side table so I could grab a pic of our morning routine.. <3<3

June 10th
The little bit of light after the storm.. It rained for about 1 minute but it actually helped to make it feel nicer to play outside for a bit.. the sun showed off its light for about 1 minute… perfect time to get this..

today was her last day as a six year old… Tomorrow I’m going to be the mommy of a seven year old.. can time please slow down?

June 12th
Happy birthday baby girl!!!!!…. she had a Barbie cake this year and it had to be very pink.. 😉

June 13th
Ultrasound day.. it’s a…
We all are beyond excited.. ok, I am beyond excited.. the boys could care less, Allison is super happy and the hubby wanted a boy but he got over it very fast.. 😉
I kept saying that whatever it was I was fine with it but to be honest I so wanted a girl.. so bad that I had even bought a couple of pink things… I know I’m in a big trouble..  lol so so so happy!!!..
an extra special big thank you to awesome Shelli Walls Carson who did this for me.. thank you so so much!!!

June 14th
Lake day!!.. we spent they whole day at my dear friend M’s lake house.. soo much fun!!..

After a full day of friends Blueberry picking at sunset was a great way to finish the day…

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