June 19th, 2011

All the time I get how fun my life is…. I’ve said before that’s what I chose to show here.. that’s what I want to remember.. truth is my life is not funner than the average life out there..

The last few days have been hard hard.. I don’t like to be behind with work, yet I’m behind now.. for a while business was a bit slow, suddenly and thank goodness it’s picked up tons, no secret out there how much I love my job so I totally see it as a blessing… it drives me bananas when I’m behind with it.. and by behind I mean I can get the sessions edited within 2-3 days.. I can only edit when Vivian is napping during the day and that’s not too much.. I can’t edit at night because she’s still sleeping in bed with me and if I’m not close to her she just plain doesn’t sleep.. my house is a total mess these days for the same reason and my kiddos because I run from work to edit to Vivian are hyper.. very hyper..

Today I shot a super early session.. in my head Vivian would be taking her morning nap while I went to shoot.. but of course, like she could tell I was going to be away she did not nap.. I took her with me to the session.. I’m very lucky that she just sits pretty in the stroller and looks at me.. came back, rushed to get ready to go teach a photo class… came back to a destroyed house and wild kids.. so I put the baby down for a nap and I tried to put some order with work and with the house but the kids were to loud the baby only napped for a close to one hour.. what a mommy does? turns off the computer and we head off to the pool.. where miraculously the kiddos turn into sweet angels and swim and play with no fighting for around 2 hrs.. even Vivian had so much fun!!!.. she absolutely LOVED splashing in the pool.. made for a super fun and relaxing trip to the pool.. She’s been in the pool before but she was too little.. today she actually got to enjoyed it.. she was like a little fish!!.. loved loved it!

So you’ll see the pictures of the fun and nice part of the day.. by looking at them you ¬†would never guess how stressed I feel.. I’m a girl that likes to look at the glass half way full.. and I use the pictures to prove it…

all pictures shot with the GoPro Hero Naked.

Sharon - June 20, 2012 - 3:48 am

Well thank goodness for the pool! I just think you are super in all that you do.

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