January 31st, 2012… while you sleep.

For the past 11 weeks, my life has been revolving around feeding you and trying to make you sleep somewhere that it’s not my arms.. Feeding you is going well, sleeping in other than my arms.. not so well, but to be honest I try without wanting to let go… my back has started to hurt and I sometimes wish I could take a long hot shower and I feel guilty about the other kids not having mommy the way they “know” their mommy…. I know they are relearning about their mommy and they love you so much, my long hot shower can wait… in the weird occasions where you actually fall asleep somewhere that is not on me like today I can’t let go.. instead of taking that hot long shower or folding the mountains of clothes, I stare at you… I wonder what you are dreaming when you smile in your sleep and I get sad that you don’t “need” me to sleep…

Michelle - January 31, 2012 - 7:39 pm

So happy I found your blog. I started a 366 photo -a-day challenge on January 1st and I am looking forward to following your journey and finding a little inspiration! 🙂

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