January 21st-31st, 2011

january 31st

She was SO proud of herself when she made her own sandwich today..

January 30th

Busy busy day… took a road trip to shoot a newbie this morning, stopped to put gas and what a girl with a camera does?.. lol btw, first time I put gas in my car by my self was here in the states, in Mexico there are employees at the gas station that does it for you (I think I saw that in NY city there are employees too).. Even though I’ve been here for so long I still find it funny that I have to do it my self.. 😉

January 29th

it’s so cool to see how a pretty day, a ball and mommy as a target can make a girl soo happy… she loved to try to hit me with the ball.. LOL
and she had a grow spur.. she wore the size 10 pants that I bought on sale for next year today.. 🙁
I want to see her during all her ages and I’m looking forward to see her older.. but I’d LOVE if the stages were a little bit slower.. it’s going way to fast..

January 28th

What a perfect day to ride bikes today… S was the only one to please me in the idea for our picture today… 🙂

January 27th

And it’s official.. today I became an American Citizen.. I drove with the kiddos to Atlanta, sat on the room along with 155 other people from 65 different countries and waited.. we sang the American Anthem and I cried a little bit.. I cried a little bit when they said Mexico and asked the mexicans to stand up.. I cried a bit when V asked if I was finally an American Citizen when the officer handed me the naturalization paper..
I will forever be a proud Mexican for sure but I’m very proud to be an American too.. 🙂

We celebrated with Ice Creams (also for having the best well behaved kiddos for 2 hrs in a closed room full of people) somewhere between Atlanta and Birmingham.. at a gas station sidewalk.. ♥♥

you can read a bit about my story here:

January 26th

He’s my little special and sensitive boy… he absolutely LOVES to take pictures and today for the first time we went exploring, both camera in hand… I know his face says it all.. ♥♥

(And he’s looking up to me.. I had my camera hanging, I was “shooting from the hip”, both images were shot like that, I do it almost all the time with my kiddos)
more info on that here, and yes, I want that tshirt.. LOL


January 25th

It was a cupcake kind of day today.. 🙂

January 24th

SO grateful for days like today when we get a break from winter.. high 50’s and sunny felt so so good… we played after school until the last drop of sun..

January 23rd

We had a very relaxed day… target in the morning, movies, subway for lunch and then we went to walk in the trails by the house.. love the tunnels there and the kiddos think is so fun to scream in there to hear their echo..
♥ this shot.

January 22nd

The sun and the park makes us happy.
Thankful for a full day of sun.. 🙂

January 21st

My baby girl woke up feeling a bit under today so she stayed home.. cool reason for an early story time.
She’s feeling a lot better now.. 🙂

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