January 1st- 10th, 2011

January 10th

We did not get the 6in of snow that were announced, instead about 1+ in of ice… that of course it’s not as fun.. The kiddos while were upset about not making snowmen they enjoyed looking at all the ice shapes..

January 9th

We’ve had a super relaxing day full of movies and cuddling.. we did hit out in the morning to buy some stuff from target… I have to post this picture for today so we all remember in the future (in case we ever move from the south).. what people buys when a winter storm is coming our way..
to me is one of the biggest mysteries… LOL
but just in case, we did buy our milk and bread.. 😉
stay safe all and lets hope we do enjoy a bit of snow.. 🙂

January 8th

So the “A picture a day 2010” came in the mail yesterday… we had a crazy afternoon yesterday so I made the kids wait.. This morning before my crazy day started I let them look at it together and it was all what I expected, dreamed and a bit more.. laughs and smiles.. ♥♥♥

Just blogged about it and you can see the whole book! go check it out!

7- January 7th
Just me and the boys, acting silly at snack time.. 🙂

January 6th
Took the kiddos to have a snack/picnic after school with a delicious Rosca de Reyes that I was able to find at a local Mexican grocery store.. more about this cool mexican tradition on today’s blog here:

Feliz dia de los Reyes Magos! 🙂

January 5th
I picked up the boys from school and the parking lot was full of puddles, I decided to try to take a reflection picture (since it’s too cold for jumping).. or that’s what I thought.. lol he just couldn’t help himself!..

January 4th.
Kiddos went back to school today.. Allison totally made a statement with her outfit of choice today.. hat, scarf and all.. how I hope she grows to be as secure of herself as she is now.

January 3rd.
So the kiddos were playing.. Dominic and Allison were fighting over this little toy phone.. based on Allison’s face Barney IS actually pretty funny.. 😉

January 2nd.
We took the Christmas decorations down!.. kiddos helped.. lol

January 1st.

Santa came later (apparently he couldn’t find the ship).. it was actually the first time we did the whole waking up to presents thing.. their faces = priceless.

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