January 11th-20th, 2011

January 20th

After a few months of paper work and test here and there with no answers we decided to do it our way… Today was D’s first official Speech Therapy.. Lets hope the process is painless and fast and that my baby talks better soon. He loved the therapist and was beyond happy she knew all about spiderman.. 😉

January 19th

these kids are just too good to me.
I set up a photobooth to do their Valentine pictures this year.. of course I had to do this since I had the mustaches in my “prop” bag.. LOVE these ones!!!..
Note: Valentine’s props were used for the cards.. this was just for fun.. 😉

January 18th

I absolutely LOVE going on trips (as you probably know by now ;))
Now the aftermath… not so much.. LOL

At least is raining and yucky so trying to catch up in house chores and work is less painful.

January 17th

We drove back home.. we stopped at the welcome center in AL and saw this and I had to ask the kiddos to sit there.. Never, not even in my wildest dreams I thought I was going to have Alabamian kiddos.. 😉

January 16th

So during our last “winter” event we got no snow, the kiddos waited and waited for it and were sad we didn’t get anything.. so that was our main reason to scape to the mountains.. we took the kiddos to Ober, the ski resort in Gatlinburg.. SOOO much fun!!!!!!

January 15th

On the spur of the moment we drove up to the mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. right after my morning session.

January 14th

If it was in V’s power, this is what he would do all day.. he’s a bit too obsessed with angry birds.. he even told me that he dreamed about it.. lol

January 13th

This one cost me a sucker.. 🙂
I don’t pose my kiddos.. I do ask to get together sometimes or stuff like that but never ask them to do anything specific.. today I walked through my foyer and I saw my shadow on the door and gave me an idea.. Baby D is still home with me since he’s not 100% yet so I asked him to come and kiss me.. he wasn’t having it so I offered him a sucker and got this.. I wish he would have been trying to kiss me too.. (maybe an extra sucker would have done that lol).. but I’m still loving what I got… cropped in camera! ♥

January 12th

My shopping buddy today.. doesn’t he look ecstatic that he was there?? lol

January 11th

It was only my baby and me today.. he had a rough weekend so he stayed home today.. happy he’s back to his silly self.. he loves his noodles for sure.. ♥ him!!

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