Handmade embroidery … Sewing tutorial.

Well, here I am with another tutorial.. This time is this handmade embroidery technique that came inspired from my all time favorite kid’s clothes.

You’ll need:

* sewing supplies.

* Fabric for your skirt

* scraps

* Heat and bond

* fusible

* embroidery pattern.


Ok, first things first. Measure your subject. This time I’m doing a skirt with suspenders for Vivian. I measure her waist, the length that I want of the skirt and then I measure the length from her back, crossing over her shoulders and down to her belly for the suspenders. With these measurements I head to the table with my fabric to start cutting.

Vivian’s waist is 21 in and the length is about 10 in. Don’t forget to take in consideration the hem and sewing allowance. So I cut the pieces for my skirt. I cut 2 rectangles of around 21 in x 10 in for the skirt part (remember the skirt width is twice the size of the waist ). I also cut the waist part, since I want to have a flat front with elastic back  this time I do around 4 in x 31 in (the length of her waist plus 0.5 her waist size ) . I also cut the suspenders these ones are about 3 in x 27 in. Those are all my cuts for my skirt.

Next I decide what “theme” I want. For this skirt we went with butterflies. I found cool and easy free patterns HERE.. I printed them and took it to my fabric to decide what size of butterfly I wanted.

I chose my scraps and cut the butterflies.. I measured that the skirt can fit 8.

I ended up with 8 sets of butterflies.

I then take them to the iron board. Following the instructions in your heat and bond, “glue” the butterflies to your skirt.


I glue the first row.

Then I glue the second row. By now your rectangles for the skirt should look like this. (I’ve already serged one side for the hem )

Ok, now we go to the sewing machine. I played around with my machine until I found a stitch that I liked for the edges. I decided to do a type of double zig-zag.. I found that it looked cute and it was easy to do around the edges. My machine is the cheapest one I found from Amazon, so I’m guessing all machines would have something like this. I went with stitch number 15.

Then you sew all around the edges of your design. It doesn’t have to be perfect, actually it’s better if it’s not perfect, but you do have to try to stick to the edges as much as you can. I used purple threat to match the skirt. This is the part that takes the longest so be prepared to sit for a while. But at the end your design will look super cute! Once you are done you are ready to put the skirt together.

NOTE: As I was researching how to do this I saw that some people suggested to put some type of paper in the back part and sew the design through it. I didn’t mostly because I didn’t have the paper. But thought to let you know about it in case you want to add it.

Anyway, lets put the skirt together. Get your main rectangles and put right sides together. Sew straight lines in both sides.

Do a gathering stitch in only ONE of the rectangles.

Grab your waist rectangle, put right sides together and sew.

Gather the part of the skirt, you’ll attach this rectangle to half the size of the waist. You should have “free” the same length of the other rectangle to attach it together. Remember to do right sides together and to line up side stitches.

After you’ve attached the waist band to the skirt rectangle, your skirt should look like this.  Gathered Front and  flat back.

Now we work in the suspenders. grab your rectangles, fold them in half right sides together and sew around. (make sure to leave one of the ends open )

Take your suspenders and your skirt to the iron board and following fusible instructions put a piece at the end of the suspenders (where the buttons will be ) and half of the waist front (where button holes will be).

Turn your suspenders inside out. Grab your skirt and fold the waist band in half. Attach the suspenders to the back of the skirt. ( I guessed where to put them ) Make sure there is the same distance from one side to the other one. Pin.

We’ll sew the casing for the elastic. Sew from side to side (leaving gathered front OPEN ). Make sure the suspenders are sewn into the back.

You should have a nice case for the elastic now. Cut half the waist measure, pass the elastic through the back casing. Sew the elastic in place at the side edges.

Once the elastic is in place, sew the front of the skirt in place. Measure where to put buttons and button holes and that’s it! your skirt should be ready!!


And we have a happy girl.. 😉

Using this technique possibilities are endless! You can add your handmade embroidery to whatever you want. I did another skirt (with no suspenders) and I made some pants with star knee patches!. Go create your own!


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