February 24th, 2012

With Vivian I’m doing things different.. I bottle fed my other 3 most of the time mainly to make my life easier, they were sleeping on their beds since day one, I had them on a schedule within the first few weeks, just to name a few.. With Vivian is so different, this kid wont take a bottle, wont sleep on her crib and has no idea what a schedule is…

It’s been hard to have this age gap between the older ones and her, I think it was a lot easier when everybody was little… but it also has helped me to enjoy the little things a whole more.. I do think sometimes how Vivian will be, the other 3 are great sleepers, good eaters and we are still in a very tight schedule.. makes me wonder if I’m going to have a spoiled baby girl.. 🙂

My sweet angel shares her big bed with daddy and mommy.. 😉

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