February 1st-15th, 2011

February 1st
Ever since she learned to read she loves to read to the boys.. Today she came home running from school, so excited about the book she chose from the library that she knew the boys would love.. they ran to her room and this is how I found them.. love them!!!

February 2nd
My sweet baby Dominic, waking up, asking for food.. Love Love Love the way his belly looks…

February 3rd
Homework… she’s not a fan of it.. I don’t know how is she going to handle the next few years.. funny is that she loves school and has great grades.. homework is not her thing, there is always tears involved.. 🙁

February 4th
I’m not going to bore you by telling you all I’ve done today (tomorrow is the big Share… The Workshop). Just know that today was one of those days were I had my super mom/business woman cape on lol… V had a field trip that I wasn’t suppose to go due to everything else… I was able at a very last minute to surprise him there… His face when he saw me was SO SO SO worth it!!.. I know, sucky picture but whatever.. I’m all about the moment today.. ;)Now I’m off for the rest of the day to have a fun movie night with the kiddos and relax.

February 5th
A pretty cool day, Ashley and I hosted our second Share… The Workshop. The day was filled with photography, models, information and awesome attendees.. Thank you all for coming!I’m slowly recovering today.. can totally tell I’m NOT 20 years old anymore.. lol

February 6th
Family day!!… included a trip to wash daddy’s car.. love to see how excited they still get by it!

February 7th
Went to have lunch with my baby girl at her school.. 🙂

February 8th
The boys follow each other pushing these cars ALL.DAY.LONG… as in everyday.. the thought of knowing that I’m going to miss it one day is what keeps me going today.. lol

February 9th
I picked up the boys from school a little bit earlier today.. just missed them too much.. we head to the library.. Vincent has started to read all around him so I thought it would be fun… Dominic found the holiday section and wouldn’t move.. love how he’s reading a book about Santa.. <3<3

February 10th
SNOW DAY!!!BLOGGED: http://www.gvephotography.com/blog/snow-day-in-alabama/

February 11th
we have a busy weekend ahead so I made the kiddos work in their Valentine cards.. they were so happy!

February 12th
My baby is 4 years old!.. Happy Bday Dominic!..BLOGGED with lots of new pics.. 🙂

February 13th
We survived chuck e cheeses on a sunday afternoon for the 3rd bday party of this weekend… man, that was busy!!!!!

February 14th
A sweet Valentine’s treat.. 😉

February 15th
Another beautiful day, we’ve been going to the park everyday! today I found us a tree swing.. it was in somebody’s backyard oops!.. but I couldn’t resist.. lolkiddos loved it!!!

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