February 19th, 2012

Vincent has been very curious about the Universe, he’s been watching the “how the Universe works” series on Netflix and has been pretty obsessed with the theme… Yesterday at lunch we all were talking about it, I was telling him how when I was in college I enjoyed reading a book about Black Holes, Big Bang, etc by S. Hawking but that it had very big words that were not kid friendly.. from that it came to my mind that probably there was a kid friendly version of “A brief History of Time” so looking up in the internet I came up with “George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt” a book by Hawkins and his daughter written for kids.. I got very excited.. You probably don’t know this but I’m a Physicist.. Yup, I went to college to study Physics and I LOVED it, finished my degree and started a Masters too.. (life went in different ways but I miss my scientist days some times)… Anyway, I’m very excited that Vincent is showing so much interest in Science. Off we went today to buy the books.

I told Allison she could pick one book too.. she said it was not fair that Vincent was getting 2 books (there are two of them)… I said that those were books for all and that she could read them too.. her response: Why would anybody want to read a Science book??.. haha these kids are so different.. 🙂

Of course while they were looking at books, Dominic was been well, Dominic…

After the book store we went shopping and the kiddos sat and read <3


Sharon - February 20, 2012 - 1:56 pm

Great post, and boy you are one talented and smart woman!

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