February 16th-28th, 2011

February 16th
This morning he said: I don’t want to school..  so I pleased him.. I said: Lets take some pictures.. and he pleased me.. My 4 year old.. how I love him.. <3
*when he saw what he was wearing for our mini shoot he asked me if he was going to work.. hahahaha.. love him!!

February 17th
Beautiful day today.. we had a fun afternoon where the kiddos jumped.. i just LOVE her laugh.. for her it’s all or nothing!  <3

February 18th
Another beautiful day.. we rode bikes until it got dark… I can get use to this <3

February 19th
wow, already 50 days.. crazy!!..
Yard sale along with 2 sessions, lots of neighborhood kiddos and a pretty day.. super busy but fun!I promise she loved it! I just catch an “I’m tired” moment.. she was so proud of the sign she made!. 😉

February 20th
He still loves to sit on my lap and relax.. we were outside watching Allison ride her bike and he was just there with me.. totally out of focus but don’t judge.. I was holding the camera with my feet.. hahaha.. oh dear, I should start a book about what I do to get the pictures done.. lol

February 21st
it was windy today, she was taking it all in…I know Allison has made the picture of the day a lot lately.. apparently I can’t get enough of her these days.. she’s had a growth spur and I can tell the changes.. she’s getting so tall, her face is changing everyday.. she acts so much like a little girl now.. it hurts..
oh and something that I don’t do often when shooting today.. she was facing the sun.. love the results.. 🙂

February 22nd
V rode his bike without training wheels today for the first time!!!!.. yay V!

February 23rd
2 well check ups today = 2 very healthy baby boys.. Dr. H was so sweet to let my curious boy play with her stethoscope.. he loved it!

February 24th
The boys got lots of vaccine shots yesterday.. D has taken it bad and is still very sore and under the weather.. I got to enjoy a lot of extra cuddling today..

February 25th
So everybody is feeling better now and boy, were they hyper.. lol we went out for dinner and this is when we were getting ready to go back home.. yup, you can see my reflection.. asking them to stop at the same time that I’m shooting from the hip.. I wonder what message I send when I say please behave and at the same time I snap a picture.. lol

February 26th
The kiddos checking out the new bird feeder that daddy put today… <3

February 27th
Lots of outdoor time today.. she was a bit too happy about it… 🙂
I was playing with the lens baby composer.. fun little lens.

February 28th
It rained today so we couldn’t go out to burn some energy, when they started to fight about nothing and everything I decided to use that energy for something.. a little bit later rooms were vacuumed, floors were mopped and bathrooms were cleaned.. we all did a bit something and ended the day in a better note.. 🙂

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