December 31st, 2011

Well, what a year… what a day…

So blessed for an awesome year in every single aspect of our lives.. my highlight Vivian of course…  For our last picture I got ready with some New Year props from the dollar store knowing that we wouldn’t do anything special for the day.. I had planned to do like a photobooth with the props and use the pictures for the project… but as usual, nothing goes like planned… my kiddos (who had been with no school for almost 2 weeks, which means they are totally hyper and disobedient by now) didn’t want to do anything I asked, my poor hubby who agrees at my crazy ideas eventhough it’s obvious he’s not enjoying all the crazyness.. and sweet Vivian, who started to get sick and was very sleepy that morning..  so I put the remote and shot a few pictures and called it a day…  hrs later we were admitted at the hospital with my sleepy 6 week old.. 🙁

Thank goodness we are out of the hospital and everything is better now.. I don’t want to use a hospital pic because it’s a sad picture and our year was far from sad so I’ll use the pics that I had planned.. I’ll blog about our hospital stayed for sure too…

Here is us… wishing everybody the best for 2012!


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