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Review GoPro Hero

I’ve been meaning to write my thoughts on my little GoPro Hero Naked for a while now ¬†but I can’t seem to find the time.. but finally here I am. I bought it last year, one of my cousins that does skydiving introduced it to me.. I saw all his pictures and videos and I […]

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March 15th, 2012

it was beautiful today.. almost to hot for march but there was a little bit of wind blowing so it helped… ¬†First time playing with water this year!.. I filled up balloons before kiddos got back from school and as soon as homework was done off we went to the backyard… FUN!!!! we rode bikes […]

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March 1st, 2012

March, can you believe it??.. going fast isn’t it??… and what a gorgeous day we had.. 80’s but a nice 80’s.. super pretty… Vivian got new wheels!!.. I know must of the people that follows this blog is a mommy so I decided to give my review on the new ride. I’ve been looking for […]

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