April 1st-15th, 2011

April 1st
Coming this fall!!.. and no it’s not a Joke!!Blogged with more pics.. :)http://www.gvephotography.com/blog/coming-this-fall/

April 2nd
Super busy day with sessions, came home to the kiddos washing daddy’s car right after they stopped at sonic… πŸ˜‰

April 3rd
Another super busy day with sessions.. I missed the first “grilled out” dinner of 2011 but when I came back home I still found the kiddos enjoying a bedtime snack in the patio.. I had my camera hanging so quickly shot this.. <3<3special thanks to the hubby who switches places with me during the weekends so I can go to work.

April 4th
Had to get D’s eyes checked today so he wore this “glasses” for a few hrs after the appointment.. I told him that he looked very cool and this is what I got.. ha! love this kiddo!.. cookie-kissy lips and all.. ;)ps. happy to report that his eyes are perfect yay!

April 5th
I registered my sweet boy to kindergarten today.. I know I still have a bit to get used to the idea.. but really time is just going by way to fast..

April 6th
kiddos love to play games with my mommy..

April 7th
I think a lot of you would be jealous of the food we’ve been eating for the past few weeks courtesy of my mom.. yup, we all are enjoying her visit!

April 8th
it was hot and humid today… first day of what I know will be a long summer.. we played with the water for a little bit then washed the car and ate ice cream.. yay for fridays with no work!. πŸ˜‰

April 9th
Busy day for me but the kiddos had a relaxing day at home.. I was working on my office when Vincent noticed the lines, he asked me to take his picture because “it looked to cool” Β love my special boy.. πŸ™‚

April 10th
Hundred days on the project!! yay! totally forgot about it until right now so I didn’t do anything special oh well.. maybe I’ll do something for the 101 Β ;)since it’s flip flop season A (who btw decided to wear her swimming suit all day today just because) asked me to do her toe nails.. girly time, love it!!..

April 11th
Ever since I saw a family inside a bathtub I’ve loved that picture and I’ve imagined doing that with my family too (I do it lots with clients and they always love them too!) of course it’s not easy for me to shoot my family (me included) but today I wanted to do something special for our 101 day in the project… so of I went to set up, tripod, remote, etc.. Allison came from school and we got all excited about it.. well, it didn’t work out.. first it was hot! we barely fit there.. we are too many ha!, the sun was coming in and out of the clouds making it hard for me to set the camera, as I tried to get in the tub I dropped the remote and stopped working so I had to manually set it up.. great.. so not the experience and shot that I was looking for but oh well.. maybe I’ll give it another try another day.. for today this will have to do it.. πŸ˜‰

April 12th
“Strawberry fields forever” :)bad “sun” timing but whatever.. kiddos had fun and that’s what is important.. πŸ˜‰

April 13th
I finally got to be with Allison for a field trip!.. we had an awesome time walking to the city hall, library, fire station, police station and park… I loved learning so much about Helena!…Of course I took hundred pictures but this is my favorite of the day.. it was the end of the field trip, we were waiting for the Mayor to come outside for a group picture, the kids were tired by then so they sat at the entrance of the City Hall.. my pretty girl, the only one looking at me (not posed at all, it’s how it happened)… <3 and I love it even more because you can see her shoes/socks/pants choice for the day.. <3<3<3 this girl.

April 14th
We hit the 80’s today.. so water fun afternoon it was.. these silly kids were actually in their swimming suits and playing in a little baby pool that we have but they got tired and got dry, had dinner etc and as I was telling them to get ready to go to sleep they got a second air with the water, with clothes and all.. it was even more fun the second time.. πŸ˜‰

April 15th
Stormy day, we took shelter… tent, light and book..Β they thought it was fun.. πŸ™‚


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