April 16th-30th, 2011

April 16th
The 2 amigos again.. never too far from each other.. 😉

April 17th
We “springed fling” the day away… 😉

April 18th
What a great day!!!!!…. a bit of work, lunch out, afternoon kids activities, favorite dinner cooked by my mom and cake.. 🙂 yup, I’m a whole year older now.. (not a bad pic for a camera on the table with a remote control!)and I blogged this morning a bit about my birthday along with my super new Promo Video!! if you’ve missed go now and check it out!! you’ll see me in action.. ;)oh and Thank you all of the people that has taken a few seconds from their day to wish me a happy day… <3<3http://www.gvephotography.com/blog/happy-birthday-to-me/

April 19th
Dropped my mom to the airport.. 🙁 but I have awesome friends who decided a last minute surprise birthday, cheer me up party… they are too crazy and of course it was tons of fun.. Thank you all for coming!!!!!!Love you all!

April 20th
yucky wet day today… so gray… kiddos were SO hyper I was about to run away… I remembered that I had this egg dyeing set that I was saving for Easter but decided to use it today or somebody was going to ended up hurt.. the rain had stopped so we played outside and breathed fresh air.. let’s just say I’m glad they are in bed now..  🙂

April 21st
fun evening at the mall with my dear friend and girls who I barely see due to our crazy schedules.. dinner and ice cream = happy kiddos.can’t wait for summer to do this more often I’ve sure missed them!.. 🙂

April 22nd
After the petting zoo, horse stables, lunch at sonic and toys R us we got crafty to celebrate Earth Day…Hope your day was special too..

April 23rd
Summer light, wild hair, pretty girl…just what I needed in this busy busy day..

April 24th
Happy Easter!!!..We had a fun family day.. kiddos were so happy (and hyper) pretty much all day… I finally had time to blog a bit of our last few weeks, well.. lots of pictures because I’m short of words today.. ;)http://www.gvephotography.com/blog/sunday-randoms/I hope you all had a great day!!!

April 25th
Mondays are filled with music classes.. kiddos are really enjoying it!

April 26th
These 2 couldn’t be any more different.. I caught them this morning sitting in their room singing happy birthday to their “Mr Blah Blah”, an old stuffed animal tiger (I think)… so so so cute!!!!.. love them!

April 27th
A horrible day for Alabama.. we were glued to the TV as tornados came through the whole state… We were so lucky that our little city didn’t have anything but a little bit of rain… Steven was able to come home early from work.. Tornado sirens kept coming off through the afternoon so we spent some time in our safe place.. we lost power.. iPhones were our only way to get info..  so so thankful we are ok.

April 28th
We woke up to horrible news.. we’ve watched the aftermath coverage for a good portion of the day in total disbelieve.. the images on TV look like from a horror/war movie… I just can’t believe that hit so close to home… I’m hurt from all the people that lost a loved one.. homes, cars, clothes can be replaced but not a life… please keep them in your thoughts and help if you can..

April 29th
The boys had Field trip to the zoo with their school..

April 30th
Sometimes she doesn’t want me to take her picture.

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