40 weeks…

40 weeks, 10 months… doesn’t matter how you count them but it sure feels like forever.. specially the last few weeks.. first time I got pregnant I was 24 years old. I never had any morning sickness, never one single pain, just the anxiety at the end of the pregnancy to finally meet Allison… this time around pregnancy kicked my tale.. morning sickness, tiredness, heartburn, pains, etc.. it could be that it was the 4th time around or that I’m 8 years older now..  or both… either way I’m glad is over and that my little baby is home.

This project started when I was 6 weeks pregnant, the day we told the kids about it.. we all were SO excited!!! I knew I wanted to document the belly growing and of course to make the kiddos part of it… and that’s how these pictures came up.. I hope one day I have time to post the behind the scenes… it wasn’t easy! some days it took lots of bribes, somedays they were excited about it… but by the end as you can tell we were all done… so today I had my 40th week picture with my little one week old.. 🙂

Vivian is One! » Grethel Van Epps Photography - November 25, 2012 - 12:25 pm

[…] by so fast!… Seems like yesterday I was learning I was pregnant with her … seeing her grow inside my belly and feeling her move around… and finally meeting her for the very first time. I know […]

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